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Sulfosuccinates are a type of mild surfactants among all anionic surfactants. They are similar to alkyl sulfonates, but as based on maleic anhydride. Sulfosuccinates are salts of sodium of either monoester of diester of sulfosuccinic acid. Sulfosuccinates are widely used for their excellent properties such as foaming, strong wetting, emulsifying and solubilising, extraordinary surface activity, high effectiveness in reducing surface tension, biodegradability, great mildness and low critical micelle concentration (CMC). Sulfosuccinates are widely used in personal cleansing products, textiles, polymers, paints and coatings, leather, printing and agriculture. We can offer tailor-made sulfosuccinates as per customer requirement. Some of our key products are listed below:



1. Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (50-70%)

2. DiSodium Octyl Sulfosuccinate (50-70%)

3. DiLauryl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (50-70%

4. DiAmyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (40-50%)

5. DiSodium Laureth (3) Sulfosuccinate (40%)

6. Di Octyl (natural alcohol) Sodium Sulfosuccinate (50-70%)

7. Di Iso Tridecyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (70%)

8. Di 2-Propyl heptyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (60%)

9. Other fatty alcohol sulfosuccinates as per requirement

10. Sulfosuccinates of ethoxylated fatty alcohol as per requirement