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Welcome to Indus Valley Chemical !!!    Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the choice of many options.

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About Indus Valley Chemical

Indus Valley Chemical Company is a privately owned company and represents a wide scope of Colour and Chemical manufacturers. It is very important to consider your sources when purchasing ingredients that are critical to your final product. Our customers receive the undivided attention of a flexible, responsive company that understands local markets and the thriving powerful international environment. The goal is to strengthen customer relationships and resolve service issues, increasing the ease and efficiency of operations for both supplier and customer.

Indus Valley's supply chain management embodies our corporate commitment to provide customers with maximal value at minimal cost. The company is proud to take an active role in improving the quality of people's daily lives by supplying superior products, services, and solutions.

Indus Valley's network of sources, contract and toll manufacturers as well as partner companies, enables us to provide our customers with global reach. We encourage a close working relationship to ensure full visibility for all the parties. After all, communication is a key element to success. Indus Valley will make worldwide presence to include a cooperative network of international manufacturing facilities.

Our sourcing abilities are enhanced by our in-depth knowledge; the expert advice of our technical services team and routine audits of our suppliers is to ensure customer satisfaction.We try to obtain colorants and chemicals for our customers, which are difficult to get. We are open to represent buyers and sellers at mutual beneficial terms.

Indus Valley caters to Ink, Paint, Personal care & Detergent, Textile, Plastic, Leather, Rubber, Ceramic, Paper, Industry

Our Mission

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To have satisfied Customers, Stakeholders & Employees by consistently providing only high quality products and by maintaining Global best practices in Quality standards and Safety.

Our Vision

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To be known for Integrity and Quality in the international market leader in the Colorants and Chemicals domain by exceeding Customer expectations in Quality and Service.

Our Core Values

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For us, Integrity implies honesty and transparency in our business processes and the highest level of ethical behaviour and professional act in customer services.

Customer First
Customer demands for our products and their feedbacks are driving force for our growth and development. We create long term relationship with customers through value addition in their products and processes. We treat customers with honesty, respect and dignity.

We are committed to all our stakeholders adopting best practices in business operations to honour our deliverables to every person, entity or organization, associated with us.

Respect for Individual
We are committed to create a work culture that encourage trust in the organisation, respect to an individual and value the diversity in the organisation.

Contribute to the society
We believe that our responsibility as a member of society to create value in society through improvement in health care, education and caring for environment. We protect the environment as we do our own children.